Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman of EB

Welcome to the Department of Economics & Banking at International Islamic University Chittagong. We offer the Bachelor of Social Science (BSS)Degree in Economics & Banking and MSS in Economics & Banking.

The Department of Economics & Banking (DEB) isa unique and is one of the reputed instructional units in the University. The department’s 17regular faculty members teach and conduct research in areas such as economics and banking. We have approximately 1200students in both undergraduate and post graduate levels. Our faculty members regularly publish their research in top-ranked academic journals and they work as editors in different journals. This expertise translates into high quality instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Our graduates obtain jobs in academia, government, research institutions and industry, both in Bangladesh and in abroad. To cite a few, one of our recent graduatesgot enrolled in Berlin School of Economics & Law in Germany for her second masters. Two of our graduates have joined in Mogadishu University in Somalia as faculty members. Our undergraduate program provides broad knowledge of imperative theoretical and empirical aspects of economics and banking. We reassure our students to learn how to posture interesting economic questions and use their training to pursue answers on their own. Our undergraduate students go on to careers in government, law, education, and business, with many pursuing post-graduate degrees. We, hereby, wish all the best to all of our stakeholders.

Mr. Monir Ahmmed
Associate Professor & Chairman
Dept. of Economics & Banking
International Islamic University Chittagong