Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (ETE)

Faculty and Staff

Engr. Mohammed Jashim Uddin
Assistant Professor & Chairman,
Dept. of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
E-mail: jashimcuet@yahoo.com, jashim-ete@iiuc.ac.bd
Tel: IIUC PABX Ext.332

1Engr. Md. Razu AhmedAssociate ProfessorTel: IIUC PABX; Mobile: 01874543665, 01770164639razu17@yahoo.com, razu17@ete.iiuc.ac.bd
2Engr. Abdul GafurAssociate ProfessorTel: IIUC PABXagafur_cox@yahoo.com, abdul.gafur@ete.iiuc.ac.bd
3Engr. Abu Ridwan Md. Foisal (SL)Assistant ProfessorTel: IIUC PABX; Mobile: 01767-696090armfoisal@yahoo.com
4Engr. Mojaharul Islam (SL) Assistant ProfessorTel: IIUC PABX; 01714136466mojahar.bd@gmail.com,
5Engr. Md. Abdus Samad (SL)Assistant ProfessorTel: IIUC PABX, Extn. 335; mas@ete.iiuc.ac.bd,
6Engr. Md. Tahidul Islam (SL) Assistant ProfessorTel: IIUC PABX; 01913005756tahid@ete.iiuc.ac.bd
7Engr. Mohammed Jashim UddinAssistant ProfessorTel: IIUC PABX; 01716823959 jashimcuet@yahoo.com, jashim-ete@iiuc.ac.bd
8Engr. Syed Zahidur RashidAssistant ProfessorTel: IIUC PABX, Extn. 334; szrashid@ete.iiuc.ac.bd szrashidcce@yahoo.com
9Mr. Muhammad Mostafa Amir FaisalAssistant ProfessorTel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01815382718oranta68@yahoo.com oranta68@ete.iiuc.ac.bd
10Mr. Saif Hannan (SL) Assistant Professor Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01911582100saifhannan@yahoo.com saifhannan@ete.iiuc.ac.bd
11Mr. Md. IbrahimAssistant Professor-IIUC PABX, Mobile- 01817-750772ibrahim@iiuc.ac.bd
12Mr. Abu Zafar Md. ImranLecturer-IIUC PABX, Mobile- 01814423449azmimran28@gmail.com
13Mr. Mohammad Woli UllahLecturer (EEE)Mobile: 01912620655woli1@yahoo.com
14Mr. Md. Jiabul HoqueLecturer (CSE)Mobile: 01994111190jia99cse@yahoo.com
15Mr. Md. Ariful IslamLecturer (Physics)
Adjunct Faculty of the Dept. of ETE:
1Mr. Mohammadullah MojaherAdvocateMobile: 01925347124mojaher2013@gmail.com
2Mr. Kazi Zeeshan MahmudLecturer, IIUCMobile: 01521486361zeeshanqazi.kz@gmail.com
3Mr. Md. Humayun KabirLecturer, IIUCMobile: 01515286984mdhkr99@gmail.com
4Mr. Md. Faisal Mahmud LecturerMobile: 01835106086mdfaishalmahmood2017@gmail.com
5Dr. Md. Mahbubar RahmanAssociate Professor & Major, MISTMobile: 01769263886, 01990331099md.mahbubar@gmail.com
6Md. Imteaz AhmedLecturer, CUETMobile: 016854058849imteaz.me@gmail.com
Office of ETE:
1Mr. Md. Shahab UddinAssistant Director (Office)Tel: IIUC PABX: 333, Mobile: 01819647321noakbd@yahoo.com
2Mr. Md. Ebrahim KhalilSr. Lab Technician (Electrical Measurement & Circuit Lab) Mobile: 01831163447, 01918815225ebrahim8125726@yahoo.com
3Mr. Md. Zahid HossainSr. Lab Technician
(Telecom Lab)
Mobile: 01744476404zahidsae@yahoo.com
4Mr. Md. Abdul AlimLab Technician (Electronics Lab)Mobile: 01791308563md_alim2009@yahoo.com
5Mr. Md. Md. Alauddin Lab Attendant (Computer Lab)Mobile: 01937908408aladinctg72@yahoo.com
6Mr. A K M Abdullahil MamunLab Attendant (Internet Lab)Mobile: 01742310564abdullahil.mamun@yahoo.com
7Md. Kamal HossainPeonMobile: 01829803718
8Md. BimolCleanerMobile: 01811212437