About of DBA

The Department of Business Administration (DBA) is expected to offer Four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program. The BBA program consists of major in Accounting Information System ,Finance and Banking , HRM, Management Information Systems, Marketing and Supply Chain Management.
BBA Program
To have a BBA degree, one has to complete 140 credit hours (123 credit hours for main curriculum courses and 11 credit hours as University Requirement Courses) usually within 8 semesters or between 6-12 semesters under the Open Credit Hour System. There are three types of courses in the program which are UGC prescribed courses, Department suggested courses, and University Requirement Courses (URC). The courses are distributed as:
SL Category Required Credit Hours
1 UGC Prescribed courses 72 CH
2 Department suggested courses 51 CH
3 University Requirement Courses (URC) 11 CH
4 Viva 3 CH
5 Internship 3 CH
Total 140 CH

The programs under the departments are designed to make the courses relevant, interesting and exciting ones. The Department also puts emphasis on building moral character of the students. And for that, the students are required to take some mandatory courses on ethical values along with other regular courses. The mission of the Department of Business Administration (DBA) can be shown in the following table:

Department Mission (DM1) To establish a platform for providing academic excellence in business to our students that will add professional value to cope with the modern global business environment.
Department Mission (DM2) To boost up the creativity of students through a dynamic learning process so that they can handle day-to-day challenges relating to business, economic and environmental issues in their work life.
Department Mission (DM3) To ensure a combination of quality and morality throughout the learning process with an aim to building ethical business leaders, managers, and academicians.
Department Mission (DM4) To deliver knowledge by giving due consideration to ethical and social values that will ensure good corporate governance and social commitments.