Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman of DBA

Welcome to the Department of Business Administration (DBA), International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC). As the chairman of this Department, I feel fortunate to be part of a team in the Department that has a long history, a deeply retained set of values, an outstanding track record in building and disseminating knowledge in business. The DBA has been providing quality business education degrees for a long time. It has highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The Department has been updating its courses periodically keeping in view the changing needs of business, industry, and society.

The Department of Business Administration (DBA) is the largest department of IIUC. This Department believes in the best in all areas of the academic arena. Thus, continuing efforts to develop teacher capacity, curriculum, teaching methods, and academic research is the intrinsic concept of DBA. This Department consists of teachers from lecturers to professors with degrees from renowned universities in the country and from abroad. They are highly dedicated to providing professional quality business education with ethical touch to turn our students into real assets for the nation and the world.

The Department of Business Administration at IIUC has been providing undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration since its beginning. The main goal of the department is to provide students with an integrated and practical approach to understanding current business practices. It has about 1,500 students and 50 regular faculty members and conducts three major programs: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Master of Bank Management (MBM). The Department offers six majors in BBA and MBA programs such as Finance and Banking (FIN), Accounting and Information System (AIS), Marketing (MKTG), Human Resource Management (HRM), Management Information System (MIS), and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

To shape the future of the younger generation, these BBA and MBA programs are highly recommended by experts in the Academic and Business arena. We believe that our students have the right to decide what they will study based on their personal interests and career aspirations. By taking feedback from industry experts, alumni, students, staff, and other stakeholders we design the curriculum, which is based on OBE (Objective Based Education) under the supervision of IQAC (Institutional Quality Assurance Cell) and approval of UGC (University Grants Commission of Bangladesh). And that is why a strong network has been established by sharing knowledge and resources between local and international educational institutions, organizations, NGOs, and industries. There exists a strong relationship between the department and the university-industry link between employers. View Exchange Program with students, Internship/Dissertation Workshop Facility, Skill Development Training and Workshop Program are regular practices.

Research and teaching are the main goals of this Department. The curriculum encourages students to improve their analytical and communication skills, with a balanced emphasis on quantitative and qualitative approaches. The specialized and interdisciplinary course focuses on building leadership skills, which will allow future managers to effectively manage the growing global and technologically advanced market. Our graduates are working in various reputed institutions at home and abroad. We welcome young business students to be admitted into the Department and develop their skills. We promise high-quality business education in an excellent physical and natural environment.

The Department of Business Administration has qualified and dedicated faculty members. We have the highest number of full-time faculty members among the private universities in Bangladesh. In fact, this Department has about 70 faculty members. Among them, 50 faculties work full time and 20 faculty members teach as adjunct. We have 3 Professors, 14 Associate Professors, and 11 Ph.D. degree holders from reputed universities at home and abroad. They have long experience of teaching at the university level. We are also hiring business executives from the corporate world to teach students real-life events. Faculty members regularly publish their research articles in reputed local and international (ISI/SCOPUS indexed) journals. The Department is committed to creating business leaders through academic excellence.


The Department welcomes all of you to the evergreen campus of International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC). Green is the symbol of life, a bright and vibrant life that forms the core of human beings and civilization; and that’s exactly what we all do here with our dreams and work. At IIUC, we are committed to providing quality education with morality for the career you have chosen.