Staff Development & Student Welfare Division (SDSWD)

International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) is committed to combine modern education with Islamic education. Since its inception this university is trying to ensure quality education. Accordingly, Staff Development & Student Welfare Division (SDSWD) has been launched to materialize this endeavor.

Main Objectives of SDSWD :

  • Helping the teachers in their academic development and the Administrative Staff in their professional skill development.
  • Organizing training programs, study circle, Seminar and symposium for developing intellectual faculty and morality of the Academic Staff members and Officers.
  • Arranging scholarship for the faculty members in the foreign universities.
  • Providing financial assistance and scholarship for the brilliant and poor students.
  • Arranging training programs to develop the morality of the students.
  • A ssisting students on choosing career and job placement.
The Division basically works for the development of both the teachers and the students of IIUC. At present, fifteen (15) regular faculty members of various departments are pursuing their higher education in various reputed universities of different countries. Among them some are enjoying full scholarship and some partial financial assistance. They are committed to serve this University after their completion of higher education.
This Division is trying to meet the goal of IIUC by:
  • Ensuring quality education and its preservation
  • Encouraging career development of the faculty members
  • Assisting in professional skill development of the staff members.

The function and programs of Student Welfare Unit are stated here :

a) Scholarship
SDSWD, IIUC provides scholarship to the students of various categories ranging from Tk. 500/- to Tk. 2,500/- per month every semester. The eligibility of getting the scholarship is measured by the morality and practicing Islam in real life of the student. Besides, the minimum GPA of winning the scholarship is 3.90. If the scholarship receiver students fail to maintain desired GPA the scholarship would be withdrawn. The scholarship is primarily given for one year. The list of the scholarship receiver is renewed / altered according to the result every year.
1. Foreign Scholarship
This Division is continuing its efforts to create opportunity of higher education in reputed universities for the meritorious and ideal students of IIUC. IIUC send best students of the post graduate level to abroad for pursuing higher studies each year. It should be noted that IIUC aims to appoint some of them as faculty members considering their academic excellence as well as commitment to Islam. Already Mr. Ashraful Islam, a brilliant student of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, has joined IIUC after completing MSc. from England. He enjoyed full scholarship from IIUC.
Another 2 bright IIUC graduates of CCE(Md.Abdullah Al Masud) & DBA (Md. Zahedul Alam) have completed higher studies at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT,Thailand) with full Scholarship of SDSWD and joined IIUC as lecture Besides, Graduating students interested to transfer credit will be helped accordingly by the Division.
Finincial Assistance
The financial assistance is given as follows :
  • Considering the problem and academic performance of an individual student.
  • Exemption of full tuition fee for the students in the Merit List of the Board. (who hold A+ at H.S.C. or Alim level).
  • Exemption of full tuition fee for student obtaining GPA 4.00 in the semester final examination.
  • Exemption of 25% to 50% tuition fee for obtaining GPA 3.90-3.99 in the semester final examination.
  • Exemption of half tuition fee for two students from the same family (ward of same parents).
  • Shariah faculty students usually get full exemption of tuition fees.
  • In 2002-2003 session, this Division provided nearly Taka 4.5 million as financial assistance to 723 students.
Usually application are called prior to the final exams by Staff Development and Students Welfare Division.
Eligibility to Apply for Financial Assistance and certain rules :
  • a) Only the registered students should apply for financial assistance.
  • b) Students studying Foundation Course (FEC) or 1st semester need not apply.
  • c) Usually application form any student Diploma Course or EMBA will not be entertained.
  • d) In case of two siblings studying simultaneously at IIUC, 1st semester student may apply.
  • e) Student must have following GPA in last semester to apply for financial assistance.
    • BBA, CSE, CCE, LLB : 3.50
    • ELL : 3.0

2. Job Placement Unit :
IIUC has launched the job placement unit to help the students getting good job in competitive job market. Except IIUC only two universities of the country have such unit. The function and responsibilities of the job placement unit may be summarized in the following ways :
  • To provide group and individual counseling.
  • To assist students on choosing career and job placement.
  • To take necessary steps on introducing IIUC to industrial sector.
  • Keep close contact with prospective companies.
  • Preserve the C.V. of the graduates and other information.
  • Arranging job fair (IIUC arranged the first every job fair at Chittagong in 2003).
  • Arranging mock interview to make the students fit for real one.
  • Advise and assist students to solve their problems.

List of Employees of SDSWD

SL Name Designation Contact Email
1 Dr. Kazi Deen Mohammad Director,
Asst. Secretary & Founder Member, Chairman, Governing Body, Intl. Islamic Medical College & Hospital (Proposed)
Phone: +8802334461900-7, Fax: 88-031-639983, Res: 710024, Mobile: 01711-723433,
2 Mr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Additional Director Phone:+8802334461900-7, PABX Extn:382, 132 Mobile: 01711- 481579,
3 Mr. Md. Ershad-ul-Hoque Senior Assistant Director Phone: +8802334461900-7, PABX Extn: 383, Mobile: 01816-835589
4 Mrs. Nargis Begum Assistant Director Phone: IIUC PABX- Cell No: 01754-959739