Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Humayun Kabir
Dean, Arts and Humanities, IIUC
E-mail : humayun002003@yahoo.com
Tel :+8802334461900-7, Ext. 422, Mobile: 01711152267

SL Department Degree Offered Chairman
1 English Language And Literature (ELL) i) Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in English Language & Literature (ELL)
ii) Master of Arts in English Language And Literature (MA In ELL, Preli. & Final)
iii) Master Of English Language and Teaching (MELT)
Mohammed Sarwar Alam
2 Arabic Language And Literature (ALL) Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Arabic Language & Literature Dr. Md. Mahmudul Hassan

Mr. Md. Ashiq Iffat
Administrative Assistant,
Office of Dean, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, IIUC
E-mail :
Tel : IIUC PABX, Mobile: