Message from Vice-Chancellor for Freshers

Message from Vice-Chancellor for Freshers

Dear Freshers,             


Since the inception, International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) has been organizing Orientation Program to introduce the freshers with its procedures, systems, supports and mission and vision. However, due to “Corona Pandemic”, most of the developed and developing countries are in Lock-down. Our country is also facing the same. As a result, we are not in a position to organize a colorful and memorable orientation program for you - the newly enrolled students. Though we are passing through a time of uncertainty about resuming a normal life-style, we have come up with a plan to keep you close to your study as much as possible. You will be happy to know that we have decided to conduct on line class for you. To make it successful, you just follow the instructions given in our website and different messages sent to your electronic devices.


“Online Class” is not meant to give you full classroom environment.  Rather it is an attempt to keep you connected by using digital technology and to provide you the chance to share subject wise knowledge. This “online class” is not to replace the offline class. Our target is to make arrangements so that you can make best use of your idle time in a better way. Some of you might not be connected to your scheduled class due to weak network or some other problems. This is not be worried about. You try again for the next class. There is nothing to lose. Everything will be discussed again when we will start our normal classes. Before taking exam, definitely we will complete your syllabus by taking extra classes. If needed, we shall take classes even during the holidays.


Undoubtedly, I can assure that you have chosen right institution as a seat for higher learning. I am confident enough that you will get ample opportunities to explore your academic capacity and moral values for building your successful career. As you know, IIUC is firmly committed to ensure and maintain standard education and better moral height. You also know that, because of this commitment, IIUC has earned excellent reputation within and outside the country. Moreover, IIUC has been keeping strong foothold amongst the few top graded public and private universities currently working in Bangladesh.


Furthermore, my expectation is that, as a newly enrolled student, you will try your best to capitalize maximum benefit from this university. Our faculty members under different departments are ready to serve you according to your expectations. In addition to giving focus on the respective studies, we all should pray to Allah SWT to save our nation from Corona Virus so that we can resume our normal work and life at the earliest possible time.


Moreover, we have formed a high powered committee to find-out and recommend well-timed and appropriate mode/method to conduct the final exam for the existing 1st to 8th semester students. The committee will submit the report very soon and final exam will be conducted as per recommendations of the committee.


Finally, Stay at Home, follow the instructions of the WHO and Government of the Bangladesh and Be Safe.


Best wishes.


Professor K M Golam Muhiuddin


International Islamic University Chittagong

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